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Our attorneys are forward-thinking and dynamic individuals who are driven to deliver the best possible outcome for every case. At the same time, we never lose sight of our client’s concerns, and we offer them the empathy and understanding that every individual deserves.

Sapient Law Group

Sapient Law Group is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of attorneys with sophisticated knowledge and experience. Our Pasadena-based law firm offers services in estate planning, immigration, and corporate transactions. Each of our attorneys brings a unique set of skills and specialization dedicated to a specific area of the law. These qualities allow our legal team to hone in on our client’s goals, and devise effective strategies to reach successful outcomes.

Sapient Law Group remains at the forefront of client advocacy by implementing innovative strategies and solutions to resolve complex legal matters. Our clients have full confidence in us to handle their most difficult legal problems. However, it’s the manner in which we treat these issues where our team shines by displaying exemplary professionalism, dedication, and compassion for our clients.


Sapient Law Group offers legal services in estate planning, immigration, and corporate transactions. Regardless of which area of the law you need representation for, you can confide in our team of experienced attorneys to handle your case with absolute precision and focus.