March 31, 2019
living trust vs will in California

In California, Should You Use A Living Trust or a Will?

Understanding the differences between a living trust and a will in California. Which one should you use?
February 27, 2019
Foreign Non-Grantor Trust Estate Planning Pasadena

Estate Planning for Foreign Nationals: The Foreign Non-Grantor Trust

Are foreign nationals in one of the most advantageous positions for safeguarding their wealth?
January 7, 2019

L1A Vs L1B Visa

L1 non-immigrant visas allow multi-national companies to transfer their employees to the United States.
December 16, 2018
Does a Living Trust need to File a Tax Return

Does a Living Trust File a Tax Return?

If you transfer property under your name to a trust, are you still responsible for taxes? Does the trust need to file its own tax return? If so, who is responsible for paying those taxes?